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Cheap Bags vs. Expensive Bags

There is no denying that designer bags items come with a hefty price tag. But are they really worth the investment? Here, we compare a cheap bag vs an expensive bag to help you make a decision. How Much Does a Bag Cost? The Answer May Surprise You!

Top 5 chic trendy fall bag for 2022

Fall is the perfect time to break out your trendiest handbags. From over-sized totes to mini crossbody bags, there's a style for everyone. And with so many great choices on the market, it's easy to find the perfect bag to complement your fall wardrobe.

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When it comes to fashion trends, handbags are one of the most subtle. Unlike a flashy fad material like leather harnesses or visible things, purse styles tend to go through a slower cycle of change—a new colour here, refreshed hardware there. But this is a good thing! You carry your work bag alongside different looks all week long; thus, versatility is essential. For the fall season, the best handbag trends lean into this idea, with fresh  takes on staple styles items that will complement your existing wardrobe.

The bags of paradise

What do you think of when you hear the word bag? A simple shopping bag? The bag in which your grandmother keeps her handbags? A bag that holds food? A plastic bag? If you’re like most people, your answer would probably involve the word bag—but what does it really cost?